Enyin dropped the white and blue stick back in the sink.

“Oh my God” she whispered, ran her fingers through her braids and finally settled them on top of her head.

She stared at the sink, her vision going from clear eye to blurry and back to clear eye again.

How did this happen?

She thought. She had been safe, very safe as a matter of fact.

How did this happen?

She moved away from the sink and started pacing the length and breath of her tiny bathroom.

I was careful, I was, I was, I was, and I am so sure of it, so what happened? This must be a mistake. I must have done something wrong.

“E mama” her mother’s voice called from the other side of the bathroom door. “Are you ok? You’ve been up here for a while”

“Mummy, I’m fine” she replied, “I’ll be downstairs in a few minutes”

“Ok Oh!!” Her mother’s voice said trailing off.

Mummy abeg leave me, I’m in hot soup here, and you will definitely kill me with your poisonous words if you knew my predicament.

Madam, what have you done? Eh!!! Too much enjoyment, that was the problem, now your actions have caught up with you.

She sat on the bathroom floor and spread her legs akimbo.

Think girl think. What should be your next step?

“Hmm, I don’t know” she said loudly almost in tears, ”What will be my next step?”

Tawo flushed the empty toilet; his excuse had been he wanted to use the loo when his phone rang earlier. He walked up to the sink and stared at his reflection. Something had told him then that this thing, this escapade would end badly but had he listened? No. Those lips had carried him away; the way they curled up when he dropped his funny punch lines pulled him further to his end.

Esame had stopped laughing at his jokes for a long time so it was refreshing to find someone who actually thought he was hilarious.

Ah, ah, Evelyn, how could this even happen? They had been careful.

Condom she had said sternly to him the first time they were to make love to each other and that had been the mantra of their lovemaking. How was this situation plausible?

Was she teasing him, this Christmas Eve? Was this some type of sick joke? She was too classy to try and pull something this mean. Was it payback for not spending time with her today? Of course he couldn’t tell her he was married with a four year old and that the Christmas tradition in the house was for daddy to make Christmas eve meals while mummy relaxed in preparation for the next day.

He sighed and sat on the edge of the bathtub, what was he going to do?

Hassan laughed as the phone call came to an end.

This girl will not kill him. This evening fa, pregnant, how?

Who be that? Shehu asked.

“Abeg leave that thing, na Evelyn, wahali, the girl likes to pull my strings” he laughed, “Do you know why she called? She said she’s pregnant”

Shehu raised an eyebrow and dropped his shisha hose on the table.

“Wahali, leave my babe, I know her well,” Hassan said as he sighted the look Shehu gave him “She’s just being naughty”

“Tor” Shehu retorted and returned back to his shisha “but what if she’s not joking and it’s for real that you’re going be a daddy”

Hassan remained silent.

Silky skin Enyin, he smiled, that was what he called her, her skin was so smooth to touch and when he was in her naked embrace he always seemed to melt away.

But is she really serious? The girl loved to play pranks. There was this one time, he had spent the night at her apartment, and she had kept on changing the time on the phones and around the house so he could spend the whole day with her.

Bolu smiled wickedly as the call ended.

“Gotcha” he muttered.

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